Sat Oct.14 2006 It is 2:07AM Texas time. I had half cup of milk, a little Guagomole. I need go to bed. It is 14:32 Texas ti 酒店工作me. I had one piece of Salmon sushi,  ha 房地產 lf order of unaju(I wonder the cooker may dislike CondiRice th 節能燈具erefore, today the rice of unaju distasteful, I hope You guys should know the rice we c 褐藻醣膠ook or eat has nothing to do with Condi Rice, Rice University in our HOuston is among the best  591;Colleges worldwide.  CondiRice not qualified to be accepted had she dared to apply, neither Yale or Stanford would accept 租屋her, because too many  high school students better than her, most of them if not all of them can be good enough to figure out my 室內設計good will to do my best to alert all of them, not like CondiRice ashamed of Standford to show her females dressed animal tail sucks),lettuce and carrot salad,  mus 燒烤hroom and dofu soup, a cup of coke. I feel thirsty, I am going to have hot chocolate and water. I will come back to confirm the drink of the hot chocolate. It is 16:51 Texas time, I had a b 面膜anana and a cup of hot chocolate. I am going to have some water to dilute too much sweeties. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 租屋  .


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