U.N. rights envoy: Israeli assault on Gaza constitutes a war crime U.N. rights envoy: Israeli assault on Gaza constitutes a war crime As of 6:28 a.m. CDT http://www.yahoo.com/ Mar 20, 2009 Therefore, Israeli must have the right to make self-defense to kill every U.N. envoy (Those who labelled with the name of U.N. are all liars, USA milita 室內裝潢ry force must have to do the duty to kill all of them. Anyone of them dare challenge my words, must have to be jailed inside his or her own home frozon all his/her bank accounts to be investigated, spied, watched like I have been investigated, spied, watched since the first day I stepped on USA soil. Why my bank account does no ARMANIt need to be frozon, why I can still have freedom to drive around? Because I don't eat any public fund <Therefore, anyone who ever got welfare pay check, food stamp, social security pay check, emergency aid, stimulus/bailout from government fund,.... etc. lied must wish themself to be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later, otherwise, t 賣屋hey must have to lie down like their late USA President Reagon showed, therefore, you must divorce your spouse who ever eating public fund lied, so that you don't need to share his/her lies to lie down left no good remaining to die. >to lie like those suckers who use the name of U.N. to eat your world wide fund bonelessly, that how you world wide military force m 烤肉ust have to do your duty to kill every one of them that dare shamelessly lawlessly Godlessly stepping on your National soil to suck.) and bomb every U.N. office around the world. Because that U.N. envoy obviously committed eyeless earless crime to see Israeli good will ( NYT: Israel's growing international isolation as Netanyahu prepares to take power... ) like nothing. The bravest Israeli 關鍵字廣告 only trying to live by themself, not mention those less brave Israeli time must have no way dare to offend any evil doer like those U.N. suckers. Had I were any leader who own the skill of bomb machine(You own force, you have to do the duty to kill every liar showing up in front of your eyes, because there's no way you can try any liar in any court, that how those gangsters grouped liars shield in the name of U 房屋買賣.N. dare lawless Godless to try any honest human form, because they know those honest human form dare not lie; and those U.N. liars selfs must have no problem to spill "Ten.Duck.Duh.Huang.Yan" committed "Zhong.Call.Swall.Jean" crimes to criminalize any honest form; that how your President has to read News Papers every day all the time to order your military to kill any liar who works in your media field, who got your tax payers funded pay 租房子 checks, who works in your finicial system, to make sure you military can have the right to make self-defense to respond any attcker out of your Nation, because you have liar in your public office, in your finical system, in your media, how could you know the information you got is credible enough to allow you USA military super powerful force to kill anyone out of your nation while your sucking USA full of liars? That sucking liars formed U.N. inside your USA 西裝land, you stupid bad ugly evil USA military force dare not kill the liars inside your own USA soil, how dare you can have the shame to go to Iraq, AFGH, to kill any foreigners's sons and daughters?), I would have had bombed U.N. pieces away gone with wind without a doubt, that may explain how come U.N. still date keep committing the "亂.Lie" crime, must because they know every one controls the missiles all their underground chained slavery terrors, therefore, none of them woul 售屋網d have the guts to fire shot to their U.N. quarter, they are too stupid bad ugly evil to know that liar must be abuser, liar must have no way to make self-control ("Boot.10.Boot.Bow. 10.Hole.Way.Dow", you just need to see how USA liar President Bill Clinton failed to make self-control inside his National oval office to figure out the time bomb.) , not mentioned to be controlled.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 西服  .


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